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At Alliance Abroad Group, they know that individuals looking to work abroad in the United States want to gain the best experience possible. More importantly, they understand that coming to the U.S. to work and travel is an investment. That is why they stand by you every step of the way. Moreover, you’ll experience an amazing culture, make new friends from around the world, work, and learn from some of the finest businesses in the United States. It’s an incredible opportunity to become immersed in a diverse environment!

Their committed employers offer more than just a job. They offer the opportunity to enhance your skills and broaden your perspectives. Moreover, this meaningful experience will set you apart from your peers as well as enrich your life and bring you closer to your dreams. Moreover, Alliance Abroad Group provides you 24/7 support to ensure that you have a fantastic experience. You will be fully prepared to understand the program requirements and eligibility so that you can plan and budget your work and travel program accordingly. There will be no surprises except the ones that delight and excite you!

Achieving Your Dream: How to Become an Intern or Trainee
If your dream is to experience professional life in the United States, they can help make it come true. They are in the business of connecting international students, graduates and young professionals to great opportunities with American businesses. You can build lasting connections, learn beneficial business practices as well as new customs, and enrich your life while amplifying your education. Build on your academic and/or professional experience by training in an American business, while under the J-1 visa, and enjoy the chance to learn and grow while exploring business practices in the U.S., American communities and culture.

With guaranteed paid internships and training experiences, their programs serve to enhance academic learning and strengthen business acumen for students and young professionals, while providing employers with enthusiastic employees who are thirsting to learn, grow and contribute.

Intern, Trainee, and the J-1Visa

As an official J-1 Visa sponsor, they ensure that you get the most out of your experience and that you meet the eligibility and program participation requirements. Employers who hire international students into internship and training programs make a commitment to you just as we do. They ensure that you are benefitting from your job placement as well as ensuring they are providing you with the necessary skills that will allow you to grow. On the other hand, their job as your visa sponsor is to facilitate the connection between you and your host employer; along with this, our job is to ensure that both parties are committed to mutual benefit and collaboration.

Surrounded by Support
They provide you with support before, during and after your program. Their goal is to make sure you have an amazing international experience in the U.S. Because your safety is of their utmost importance, you will be required to provide monthly check-ins. Outside of this, you have 24/7 support from their dedicated team of staff. Live the experience of your life with the most unrivaled team of support specialists on your side, and a company that is dedicated to making sure you achieve the best things!

A ‘True to You’ Internship or Training Experience
Participation in an international intern or training program is a rich and rewarding experience. It’s an honor for a business to mentor young people and privilege for them to participate. As a qualified individual, you can work and study alongside seasoned professionals in the hospitality and tourism industries, dedicated to helping you ameliorate your already well-founded skills. Moreover, however, it is their job at Alliance Abroad Group to make sure you learn all that you can through your host company partnership.

Exchange Teaching in the U.S.
If you are a non-U.S. citizen with teaching experience, this Teacher Exchange Program offers you a unique opportunity to learn different methods of teaching while also bringing an important international perspective to U.S. classrooms and students. The reciprocal benefits of this program are designed to foster greater understanding of different teaching methodologies as well as provide an opportunity to learn and teach much more than basic education. The program provides a rare chance to shape a new generation of leaders, exposing students to the ideas of inclusion and tolerance and enabling them to think with greater perspective.

Through the Teacher Exchange program, experienced teaching professionals with a qualifying degree may teach in accredited educational institutions (primary and secondary school(s)) for up to 3 years. The opportunity to teach under this extended visa provides experienced teaching professionals with the occasion to enhance the American education system.

Meeting J-1 Visa Regulations
According to the J-1 Visa, exchange teachers must meet the qualifications for teaching in primary or secondary schools in your country of nationality or last legal residence, be teaching at the time of application, and have at least two years of full-time teaching experience. You may also qualify for the Teacher Exchange Program, teaching at the primary or secondary levels, by having two years of full-time teaching experience within the past eight years at the time of application, have or will have completed an advanced degree in education or related subject matter that you intend to teach.

Becoming a Better Educator
The sponsorship support ensures a successful program experience by providing expert resources including placement assistance, a thorough eligibility review, recruiting and screening of host school placement, 24-hour participant support and compliance assistance to ensure regulations are being met.
The program provides a unique opportunity to shape a new generation of leaders, exposing students to the ideas of inclusion and tolerance and enabling them to think with greater perspective. Not only do international exchange teachers have the occasion to enhance American’s knowledge of foreign cultures and overall knowledge bases’, but teachers can build on and develop practical skills that will enhance future careers.

The H-2B Visa Program
Individuals interested in finding employment in the U.S. can discover job opportunities with hospitality and tourism brands. The H-2B non-immigrant visa program allows individuals 18 and older to locate seasonal employment in skilled and unskilled positions with quality, reputable businesses. After 15 years of working with this visa, they know the right companies to partner with, and therefore, they know the best ways to get you where you want to be. They specialize in working with hospitality and tourism industries; specifically, under the H-2B visa, these companies are looking to hire for positions like, lifeguards, housekeepers, servers, and many more, giving a wide range of possibilities to any individual looking to come to the U.S.
Moreover, enjoy the opportunity to not only gain valuable work experience, but to better your English-speaking skills, and learn more about the American culture while doing so.

H-2B Requirements & Policies
For the H-2B visa program, employment must be temporary and for a limited period. This program was designed to provide organizational support for businesses during their seasonal or peak seasons; nonetheless, this program allows both skilled and unskilled workers to work with a business for up to 10 months, while also having the ability to return to the same company the following year. Additionally, there is no limit to how many times you can return to the U.S. and work with the same organization. This not only provides you with a sense of stability, but it also encourages growth in a specific field and fosters a sense of familiarity with both American businesses and the American culture.
You must be at least 18 years old to qualify as eligible for this visa. You must also be able to demonstrate your ability to speak basic conversational English, and lastly, be open to working in unskilled positions.

H-2B Experiences
The H-2B visa program promotes the true definition of cultural exchange: seeking to develop a cultural understanding between individual and host company through immersion in cultural practices. At Alliance Abroad, they pride themselves on being able to not only amplify the importance of cultural exchange programs in the U.S., but to also provide individuals with the ability to have long-lasting and life-changing experiences.

Benefitting from H-2B
These experiences become great when they get the opportunity to provide quality individuals with seasonal and temporary positions with 4- & 5-star employers. Additionally, they pride themselves on creating valuable cultural exchanges through hosting participants at cultural events.

Summer Work and Travel Abroad in the U.S
The Summer Work & Travel Program provides you with the opportunity to have a life-changing cultural exchange experience that works around your summer schedule. While working with some of the finest U.S. businesses, you will meet a world of new people from different backgrounds, experience a new culture, and grow personally. This meaningful experience not only gives you the opportunity to enhance your skills, but to broaden your perspective!

Summer Work & Travel Commitment
Their committed employers offer more than just a job. They offer a chance to enhance your skills and broaden your perspectives. This meaningful experience will set you apart from your peers, enrich your life and bring you closer to your dreams. You will have the opportunity to learn from some of the best business in the U.S., while getting paid to have these experiences! Moreover, you will create lasting connections with a world of new faces and memories. Let their teams assist you in getting to your next level!

Surrounded by Support
Alliance Abroad Group provides support to you and your host employer to make sure that everyone has compatible goals and a fantastic experience. Specific to you, their support structure guides you before, during and after your program; their goal is to make sure you have an amazing experience. You will be fully prepared to understand the program requirements and eligibility so that they can plan and budget accordingly. There will be no surprises except the ones that delight and excite you!

Summer Work Travel: A Chance to Grow
Program participants are thrilled to have the resume-enhancing work experience abroad as well as the adventure of discovering life in America. Experience an amazing culture, make new friends from around the world, and work and learn from some of the finest U.S. businesses around. It is an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in a diverse environment where you will learn, grow and accomplish. More importantly, return home inspired and ready to share their experience with their counterparts.

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