Before I get started let me congratulate six green card winners on our Facebook page. The rest keep checking the Diversity Visa Lottery results if you applied because you never know. For those who did not win the green card sorry but there is always next time. Never lose hope and never give up. I made a video about not giving up so if you did not watch that video feel free to scroll down my page to learn more.

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My name is Janet Okutoyi . AKA Janet Kisaka. AKA Janet Rangi. The latter is the easiest to call me. I was born and raised in Kenya and immigrated to the United States in 2003. Since then I have had the opportunity to live as an immigrant and experience both worlds.

This experience of both worlds has given me a unique opportunity to tell my story based on experience. Am sure many people have had similar experiences but the difference is that I just happen to have a passion of sharing my life experiences.

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When I started this forum it was just an idea to reach out to people and share my personal experiences. I was hoping that I could make a difference in one or two people. However, it has turned out to be a very fulfilling venture and the positive response has been overwhelming.

I am very thankful to my followers who like and appreciate my work. I mostly blog and also do videos which thankfully have a good number of followers. I am also greatful to those who challenge my thoughts because through them I can find an avenue for improvement.

I am also grateful that so far six families will have a chance to experience the American dream. Not because of me but because the Diversity Visa Lottery was exposed to them and they took advantage of the application.

In this case the Diverity Visa Lottery AKA Green Card Lottery was based on pure luck but make no mistake the winners did the work. They believed in the American dream and had a strong desire to succeed. As they say it’s all about the law of attraction. You attract what you think and you can manifest your American dreams into reality. Taking action is always the first step.

Let me address the big elephant in the room. For those asking about what are the age limits of immigrating to America let me address that issue right here. First of all I realized I rubbed some people the wrong way by quoting numbers in terms of age. These are personal opinions and the forum opens a flood gate of ideas and opinions. So here we go. If you are thinking about coming to America keep the dream alive.

However if you are concerned about age and in this case I would say 50 years and above here is my opinion. If you are 50 years old or more and you are married think about your spouse and children, that is if you actually have a family. In my humble opinion there is no point of leaving the family unless coming to America is a way of escaping a failed marriage 😊.

Anyone younger than 45 years old I would say it’s never too late. If you are 45 years old and single coming to America is a stretch but not an issue. Off course anyone in their 20’s and 30’s the sky is the limit. The point I am trying to make is that every situation is unique and it just depends on how much you are willing to give up in your life.

If you are 50 years old are you ready to give up your job, your pension, your retirement? Also coming to America older you have to keep in mind that you are already set in your ways and change will not happen naturally. Starting to adjust to a new culture might be a very difficult endeavor. If you have not watched my video on culture shock kindly scroll down the page immigrant business directory and you will have a detailed experience on culture shock.

If you are in a situation where age is a concern, kindly involve your family before making the final decision. However never forget that the American dream is yours and other people can only offer advice. In the end immigrating has to be a personal decision. You never want to die with regrets, as you look back make your final days on earth worthwhile living. As they say most old people do not regret what they did but what they did not do.

By the way speaking of age. There are older parents mostly in their 60’s and above who come to America to join their children. In such situations it’s understandable because they come to raise their grandchildren which is very beneficial to the entire family. It’s a way of passing on family traditions in a foreign land.

The most common scenario involves widows who immigrate to America, they find more peace and happiness staying with their children and helping to raise grand children in the United States.

These widows immigrate to America and help their children and in the process they also make money by baby sitting for other immigrants. They make decent money by immigrant standards. For instance they can make about 400 dollars per month per child. In this case if they have 3 children to take care of they make about 1200 dollars per month.

Generally speaking the older you are the more unlikely for you to give up your career and immigrate to adventure into something more beneficial in America. For example, It is very difficult for someone that has been a boss most of his life only to immigrate to America and be told what to do. Worse it is very difficult to immigrate as a student and come to America and start going to school for the same profession that you already have. These are just but a few examples.

Most professional jobs in the United States need an American education, an American license and an American certification. For example I don’t see a medical doctor giving up his medical career and immigrating to America to start all over again. Does this happen? Off course it does happen. See my point people? That is why age matters. Younger people will always be more flexible and willing to adjust to change. That is why I would highly recommend to potential immigrants if possible to make early decisions in life.

I know guys who immigrated to America as teachers for example and decided to switch to nursing because nursing in America is more lucrative and provides financial stability. Most of the time the people who switch careers are usually on the younger side. But this is not to say that if you are older you cannot change your situation. Remember that healthcare in America is good and that translates to high life expectancy.

Anyway thank you for taking your time to read. That is all I had to share with Resilient Nation for today. There you have it until the next blog. Stay tuned every Thursday for blogs and every Tuesday and Friday for videos. As usual keep following because I never run out of topics. Most of the topics I cover are requested by followers like you.

Thank you for following and liking my page and please do not hesitate to leave comments. Remember to click the notification button to be notified about new videos. Most importantly remember to keep the dream alive and have a strong desire to succeed!


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