How to Pass a Driving Test as a New Immigrant

When you are an immigrant, living in the United States you may still want to drive yourself around in your car as opposed to using public means of transport and this means you need a driving license. To get a driving license in the United States, you need to pass a driving test issued by the territory or state you live in. The United States driver’s license is not issued nationwide as different states have different procedures and requirements.


You need relevant identification for you to be able to apply for the driver’s license which includes the following:

  • A social security number
  • Passport
  • Foreign driver’s license
  • Permanent resident card or birth certificate
  • Proof of your legal immigration status
  • Proof of residence which could be in form of a lease in your name identifying your current address or utility bills
  • Other general requirements like a vision test, written test and driving test


You can get a guide book from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office that contains all the rules and regulations concerning traffic safety to help you prepare for your written test. This guidebook is at no cost and in some states, you can get the guidebook on their DMV websites. This guidebook is the basis of the written test and you cannot pass it without it.

Immigrants who have driven before are required to learn new driving skills in order for them to pass the road test. They can go about this by taking lessons from a good family member or friend or enroll for formal driving lessons in a driving school in their area. It is advisable for immigrants who have driven before to take a refresher course in order to catch up with new traffic regulations.

When you have completed the training and you have the relevant documentation and the required fee for taking the test, you can walk into a DMV office and sit for your written exam and after you pass it, you will proceed to take the road test. You may be given a vision test together with your written test. During the road test, you will be together with the examiner in the car, who will test your ability to drive legally and safely without any pulling any underhand tricks on you. The examiner will tell you whether you have passed or failed at the end of the road test. If you passed you will get details on how you will receive your driver’s license and if you failed you will be told when you will be able to take the exam again. Good luck!

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