Immigrant Issues: United States Visa Application Qualifications


The American country, society and culture is built on the amalgamation of different immigration groups who over time settled in the United States and took over  land that was once inhabited by the Red Indians. Today the American dream has opened up to not only the Americans but to the entire world. Whoever can make their way to this great nation can be part of this dream. The United States is one of the best place in the world to live due to its vibrant and first class economy, good infrastructure, and the aspect of liberty for its citizens. The USA is one of the few countries in the world that you will find freedom to worship any religion of your choice, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, a nation that has upheld the values of security, good health, advanced technology and science. Most nations may not give as much liberty as the USA does. thus most people from around the world are seeking to find their way into the United States of America. Immigration to the United States has become a real possibility due to the willingness of the American administrations to let more immigrants into the nation. Driven by the furious rate at which the American economy is growing creating an abnormal need for more laborers and experts in various fields. These has enabled the United States to open it borders to immigrants from all over the world and making the United States the greatest metropolitan nation in the world.

People from all walks of life and backgrounds all over the globe apply in order to get a chance to become lawful permanent residents. The process involves a great level of scrutiny, closely followed selection. It starts off with green card application in which people send details regarding their country of origin, reason for application, the county and city willing to reside. Application for the green card has categories that easily give one the rights to travel. These categories are specific and while applying they must be stated out. They can include through family, employment, refugee, crime victims and human trafficking, and other categories. What should be noted is that before you apply for a green card there must be a visa for you. In some situations, the visa is always available while in others it is limited. It therefore requires an immediate application of green card as soon as the visa is available. Usually visas become available from October first every fiscal year.

1. The Green card/DV lottery is won every year through the United States State Department Lottery

Diversity immigrants visa (DV) gives priority to those who come from countries that historically has low rates of immigrants to the USA. It allows up to 50,000 immigrants visas to be awarded every year. The lottery selection is random. This cuts across the criteria set and those that qualify get a chance to be interviewed or scrutinized. This are distributed to the six regions or continents and thus no single country can get more than 7%. This category is available each year and to check if your region is categorized one always should visit the website. Important thing to note is that if you intend to travel with the spouse or children each must apply differently. Consular processing is a method used to scrutinize those who have applied for the green card. It happens at the country of application and the designated office, embassies of USA in those countries.

Things to note about Diversity Immigrant Visa (DV)

* Those selected are from areas of low migration rate to the United States and a foreign citizen.

* Those entering the USA in 2017 applied for their visa application and green card in fiscal year of 2015. Applying it in the fiscal year 2017 means you will enter the United States in 2019.

* Results of 2018 DV lottery is for those who applied in the year 2016 and intend to enter USA in 2018.

Upon winning the green card lottery the applicant should submit their visa applications and check your confirmation number before waiting or preparing for an interview.

2. F1/ Student Visa

To study in the US, you must obtain a student visa. This will also include the type of school, and the study type that gives you the category either you get F1 visa or M1 visa. Before being issued with a study visa, the applicant needs to identify the school he/she wants to study at, apply, and be accepted by the student and exchange visitor program (SEVP) school. This will give you a go ahead to continue the visa application process.

You will need to go through the USA department of education to learn more about the study opportunities and the certified schools.

After being considered you will be entered into the student and exchange visitor program system upon which you will get a form to present at the embassy during the scheduled interview. The student applicant will need to pay a fee into this system to get the form for presentation.

Important consideration while filling and applying for a student visa

1. You need to know the course to study and the certified school to attend. All this will be based whether you are accepted in the institution and the course you are to study is available.

2. Outline the age cluster which you fall in to determine the interview schedule and process.

3. New students will be granted an early approval and visit before the start of their class. This however is determined by the security features.

4. Continuing students will be required to renew their visas only if they are updated in the system and so proof. They can enter the US at any time before the commencement of their classes.

3. B1 Tourist or business visa

This is a category that is slotted for those who travel to the USA with the intention of having a temporary stay of doing business B-1 or tourist B-2 or both business and tour B-1/B-2. In the business category it involves all the terms that does not include fraud of fund, trafficking of the same through illegal means.

The period of stay is stipulated to be 90 days and can extend to 12 months. This will be considered and granted prior to the request and reason, by maintaining the visitor’s status or good reason to do so. Application for this category should be done at the area of applicant country of origin. Those trying it in another country than their home country stands a chance of cancellation.

Visiting the United States under the category of tourists of business does not guarantee a direct visa whatsoever. Application of the visa has some required steps and thus this makes it possible for future travels and visits. This then is used for specification and the type of visit intended in the USA.

Important notes about business/ tourist visa

1. Being in the USA under the tourist or businesses category, one is not permitted or should not accept employment opportunity, it is illegal.

2. A visa is valid for the given time of expiry usually ten years. This is subject to renewal and all steps, procedures and necessary documentation should be availed if needed. The period required for your stay will be stipulated even when your visa has not expired.

3. All security details regarding the required information during the interview, application for the visa should be genuine. Upon arriving the US, the visa holder gets through an airport as port of entry. Those holding a visa doesn’t guarantee them a direct entry and thus the custom police can provide entry or deny it regarding the security feature of the holder.

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