Successful Immigrants: The Patrick Bet David Story

Patrick Bet David is an  Iranian born American entrepreneur and a financial advisor immigrant who has  a quite interesting story on how he got great success in America despite coming from a background that is not so rosy.
Patrick was born in Tehran, Iran in October 1978 at a time when the country was in a serious political crisis. Due to the hard life that his family experienced due to this crisis, his father decided that they would flee to America. In between Patrick and his family spent over two years in a refugee camp in Germany where any form of hope of survival was dim. Patrick was twelve years old when they eventually moved and started living in the United States in the early nineties. After finishing his high school education, there was need for him to get a means of sustenance therefore he enrolled in the US army where he served as 101st Airborne Division.
After serving time in the army, he was discharged and got  a job at Morgan Stanley in 2009. He worked diligently till he attended a life changing dinner event by award winning journalist George Will.

His breakthrough
After that dinner event, Patrick was challenged and thus decided to launch his website called Saving America followed by a radio show in Los Angeles after he started the website. Patrick’s main intention was to encourage and teach people about fiscal literacy and responsibility. To this end he also opened an agency which could dispense with a number of services that were touted on the website and the radio show. The agency offered different services including settlement of debts, offering term insurance and permanent cover on various entrepreneurial fields.

The agency is Patrick’s ticket to prominence and notoriety. The agency that is widely known as  PHP which stands for People Helping People is the avenue that he uses to articulate his vision and mission. Here, he gives financial advice to people with his main selling point being that people should avoid debts at all costs. He acquired this knowledge and experience when he became a member of a marketing organization in a period between 2002 and 2009. Therefore, he had the requisite entrepreneurial and marketing knowledge and experience prior to the formation of his financial services agency.

According to his LinkedIn page, Patrick is worth over $42 billion. The humble Patrick is reputed to be one of the richest people in the world and this has been attributed to his passion in helping other people improve their financial status. According to one of the quotes that have been attributed to him, as depicted in his Agency’s home page, everyday that people wake up to undertake their daily routine, fate will always step in at one time. Unfortunately, people do not know when the time is and that is why they need financial nous and insurance to be able to take advantage of this time when they reach it.

People Helping People

The agency was founded in 2009, with the aim of serving the people of America truthfully. His focus was to help the middle class people (that comprises of majority of the populace in the country) acquire insurance covers regardless of their culture. In addition to that, Patrick aimed to bring entrepreneurial opportunities to the people in order to help them improve their lives.
PHP is based in Northridge, CA and has partnered with a number of insurance companies so they could realize their dream together. Until today, the there are more than 4000 individuals and more than 42000 families have acquired insurance covers from the agency.
It is therefore no surprise that many big household names such as AIG, Foresters, National Life Group and Nationwide have collaborated with PHP agency in a bid to move forward.

What Makes Patrick Bet David Stand Out
According to the information provided from his LinkedIn account, Patrick has various skill sets including investments, life insurance, wealth managements, marketing strategy, business strategy, finance, financial advisory and team building amongst others. Patrick is also a reputed author and has a number of noteworthy titles to his name that have enabled him to dispense the knowledge and experience of the success he has experienced.
His books continue to inspire people all over the world and have changed lives in the process. Some of the titles include The 25 Laws for Doing the Impossible (2011). He then went on to write the Next Perfect Storm, The Life of An Entrepreneur in 90 Pages and Drop Out and Get Schooled all in 2012, 2016 and 2017 respectively.
All his books intend to tackle different aspects of life. For example, in his book “Doing the Impossible”; Patrick speaks about how you can realize your goals. He talks about doing things differently and holding on even when you think that you do not have a chance of achieving your goals. On the other hand, The Perfect Storm talks about how people can make profits from bubbles, for example the real estate business and market that happened in the 2000s. It also talks about taking advantage of different economic times for example the stock market in the 90s to make profits. The book is entirely on profit making.
In his most recent book released in the year 2017, Patrick speaks about the trend in the modern day higher education. He speaks about the matter in details and he provides reasons as to why he thinks you should drop out and be schooled. This also serves as the title of his book.

Accolades and Recommendations
Throughout his career, Patrick has worked in various places. In all these places, he is highly recommended because of his skills and hard work.

  • For instance, Jack Gaffney who is the CEO and the CO-Founder of the Bad Kitty Inc, describes Patrick as a person who is selfless and spends most of his time educating and motivating young entrepreneurs. He goes on to say that, Patrick likes to invent new ideas and he does not dwell much on the same old tricks.
  • Felix Gutierrez who is a Branch Retail Executive at BBVA Compass worked with David for some time as his senior. He says that David has excellemt knowledge concerning all aspects of business and entrepreneurship. For the ten years that he worked with David despite being his senior, Gutierrez says that he learnt a lot from David and that he was an inspiration to many in the organization and beyond.

Social Media Presence
Over the recent past, technology has greatly evolved and no one appreciates that better than Patrick Bet David. He is an avid social media player. In one of his posts on his Facebook account, he urges people and entrepreneurs to be intentional in embracing using social media as a way of marketing their products and services. In the post, he says that before you have a big net worth, you must first have a big social worth. According to him, that is how you can improve your net worth.
He values feedback on his products and likes updating his customers about his recent developments. He has a formal website where users can log in and find information about his agency. On Facebook, Patrick goes by the name Patrick Bet-David. Here, he updates about his recent developments and Facebook users have a chance to respond.
He also has a YouTube channel known as Valuetainment. Here, he regularly posts videos concerning different matters affecting the society. Some of his popular videos include How to make $250,000 in a year, which is eight minutes long. Another example of his popular videos is the eight-minute long video with the title How to get Anything You Want In Life. Here, he gives examples of things that people must do or avoid in a bid to realize their goals.
On Twitter, Patrick uses the account name patrickbetdavid. With the humongous amount of followers that he has, he regularly tweets about every aspect of life. On Instagram, he uses the account name @patrickbetdavid. He has over 63000 followers who view his pictures and messages of inspiration. He also has an official LinkedIn account where you can find more information about him. His username at the site is Patrick Bet-David.

About his personal life
Apart from being an author and a successful entrepreneur, Patrick is a married man who has a passion for good marriages. In a video that he posted on his YouTube channel, he talks about various matters related to marriage. He emphasizes the importance of getting married to the right person at the right time. He also gives details on how to raise your child/children basing on his personal experience. According to him, the person you marry might be vital in determining your entrepreneurial success.

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