The Moritz and Zuckerman Stories: Modern Day Success for Jewish Descent Investors

The has been an adage albeit subtle that Jewish descent entrepreneurs have a magic wand that makes it easier for them to become wealthy and successful in many of their entrepreneurial ventures. While one cannot ignore the fact that there has been a higher rate of Jewish business persons and investors in many fields that in other immigrant populations, this cannot be only defined or understood through luck or some wand they wave and make it in business. But of a well defined culture of mentor-ship and apprenticeship that has seen the community spawn many entrepreneurs of repute. Two such modern day entrepreneur are Michael Moritz and Mortimer Zuckerman who have been able to scale the ladder of business and success to become leading lights in their respective fields of expertise.

Michael Moritz: The Chairman of Sequoia Capital
Michael Moritz is the Chairman of Sequoia Capital in the famous Silicon Valley. The author of Apple Inc. history and philanthropist was previously a journalist. The 63-year-old billionaire was born in San Francisco and is worth $ 2.6 billion. Michael was the number one venture capitalist on the Forbes Midas list of 2006/2007.

Michael was born in Cardiff, Wales to Jewish parents, who later migrated to the United States, He was first educated in Cardiff, Wales before moving to Christ Church in Oxford, where he attained a  (BA-History) and later he got an MBA from University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. He is married with two kids. He had worked as a journalist before Steve Jobs took him under his wings. Despite living in the US for long, he has never forgotten his welsh roots and he frequently makes trips back since his father even taught in Wales .

Michael was the first to write about the history of Apple Inc. Additionally, he wrote a sensational and moving biography of the late Steve Jobs.
He is the creator and co-founder of Technologic Partner which publishes technological and conference newsletters . He has made numerous investments in PayPal, YouTube, Google, Yahoo and many other technological firms that have made him a venture capitalist of high repute. His contribution to Google earned him a top spot among ‘the top deal makers’ by Forbes in the technological industry.

Martin married Harriet, an author. When he came to the limelight, he received criticism for lacking female investors. Martin said he had difficulties finding women who would flourish in their business ventures. However, he said Sequoia had employed women to various positions in China and Israel. There is more interesting information you can learn about him by searching on-line.
Michael and his wife donated $ 50 million to support the low-income students at Chicago Public school and Chicago University.

Recognition and awards
Honorary Fellowship by Cardiff University
Queen Elizabeth Recognition
Honorary doctorates for his contribution and achievements.

Mortimer Zuckerman: Successful Son of a Merchant Turned Billionaire

Mortimer Benjamin Zuckerman is the CEO of Boston Properties. The 79-year old Canadian –born American is an investor, media proprietor, and magazine editor. The father of one is worth $2.5 billion. Mortimer has vested interest in real estate and it is through this vehicle that he has managed to build his vast empire.Boston Properties is one of the largest real estate trusts in the United States. Zuckerman lost a hefty amount from his charitable trust fund to Bernie Madoff. He later filed a lawsuit and was awarded over $ 40 million.

Mortimer is the son of Ukrainian Jewish immigrants who moved from Ukraine to Montreal in Canada. He sold tobacco and candy before founding Boston Properties in 1970. He went public in 1997 and became a US citizen in 1977. He funded the STEM scholarship together with four universities in Israel to a tune of $100 million. He writes editorials for U.S. News and New York Daily News that he owns.


Besides his real estate and publishing interests, he is a frequent commenter on politics in print media and television. He is a regular face on MNSBC and writes editorial pieces. He has made several donations to US political candidates. Zuckerman allegedly helped the former US President Barack Obama, write his political speeches.

Mortimer also participates in many philanthropic activities and in 2012, he pledged $200 million to Columbia University to support the Mortimer B. Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute.He has also been involved with Jewish and Israeli organizations within and outside the United States. He has also been the chairman of a number or organizations between 2001 and 2003 this is  despite his open opposition from the liberal Jewish factions he got elected.

He has served on the board of trustees for private and educational institutions including:

  •  New York University
  • The Hole in the Wall Gang Fund
  • JP Morgan National Advisory Board
  • Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Recognition and awards

  • Honorary degree –Colby University
  • Commamdeur De L’Ordre Des Arts et des Lettres- Government of France
  • Guild Hall- Lifetime Achievement
  • American Institute of Architecture-New York

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