Economic Migrant Success Stories From Asia

There are many Asian success stories of immigrants who have moved to the United States and became a roaring success in their various fields of influence and expertise. The following stories tell the tale of two immigrants who have not only made it but have also been a source of encouragement and great help to their adopted country.

Shahid Khan: Rags to Riches

Shahid Khan is a 66-year-old Pakistan-American business tycoon worth 5.9 billion USD. The business figure owns the Jacksonville Jaguars National Football League, and Fulham F.C. He is a loving husband to Ann Khan and a father of two.

Early life and challenges
Khan was born to a middle-class family in Pakistan. His father was in the construction industry, and his mother is a retired Mathematics professor. When Khan was 16, he moved to the US and joined the University of Illinois in Urban. He got his US citizenship in 1991. When he arrived in the US, he had $500 with him. Khan is the true definition of rags to riches in achieving the American dream.
He could not afford $2 for to pay for a dorm in YMCA. He had to wait till the university opened. He began washing dishes for $1.20 an hour the next day. He worked at Flex-N-Gate, an automotive company while still in university. Despite the difficulty in fitting in an unfamiliar environment; Khan saw that as an adventure and not an obstacle in achieving his dream.
His success
Successful businessman
He owns the Jacksonville Jaguars of the NFL and the English soccer team Fulham FC. Also, he is an automobile parts manufacturer in Urbana.
After his graduation, he became the company engineering director. In 1978, Khan founded Bumper works that deals with tailor-made car bumpers for body shop repairs and pick-up trucks. In 1984, he began supplying Toyota pickup bumpers and 1987 he became the official supplier. In the bid to expand his revenue, Khan bought Jacksonville Jaguars from Wayne. On July 2013, he bought Fulham FC, and it became the icing on the billionaire’s net worth.
Recognition and awards
Khan has received numerous awards the University of Illinois. The most notable one include:

  • Distinguished Alumni Award-1999
  • Alumni Award for Distinguished Services-2006
  • Distinguished Service Award-2005

Do Won and Jin Sook Chang:  Forever Changed by Forever 21
Do Won Chang and his wife Jin Sook are both US based entrepreneurs who have had substantial success within the US fashion industry. The two entrepreneurs are known for their famed clothing stores Forever 21 that are distributed all over the country.

Early life and immigration to the United States

Both Chang and Sook were born in South Korea where they spent most of their childhood year. In 1981, they moved to the United States amid civil and political upheavals in their home country. Chan and Sook indicate that one of the reasons why they decided to immigrate into the United States was the fact that at the time, the political and social environment in their home country did not present any substantial opportunities for entrepreneurial growth and development.


The main business activity of Chang and Sook is the running of their Forever 21 clothing stores that are in various locations across the country. The two entrepreneurs had a unique taste for fashion and their main objective was to come up with a business that will allow manufacture and sale various apparel items that featured their unique design ideas.

The Forever 21 clothing store is regarded as one of the most iconic fashion brands in the US and this popularity has served to promote the growth of the brand. The first Forever 21 clothing store was established in 1984 in Highland Park, Los Angeles and ever since this time, Chang and Sook have managed to open more than 400 clothing stores in various locations across the country.

Net worth

Chang and Sook have a combined net worth of 4 billion dollars making them a force to reckon with within the US and indeed, the global fashion industry.

Personal life

Both Chang and Sook are devoted Christians and they have strongly family values. The couple has two children that they live within their home in Beverly Hills.

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