Haim Saban: Cartoons Can Make Billions

Much of many billionaires’ fortunes are held in the right alternatives they take in investment. For the most part, they believe in taking risks. One of such a prominent billionaire is Haim Saban a CEO of Saban Capital Group. The Company takes on closely held entertainment stakes in Hollywood, Los Angeles. As the world is headed towards the clash of biggest egos in technology, Saban took his chances despite facing many challenges that opposed him. Haim Saban was born in Egypt but later moved to Israel with his parents. he is a media proprietor and is credited with being the brains behind the cartoon program, Power rangers among others in the Saban Group Stable

It was difficult for Haim Saban to fully convince Hollywood to accept cartoons in the form of teenage superhero programs in spandex suits. Amazingly, the billionaire did not give up and after being turned down numerous times . He spent more than eight years producing television soundtracks for children carton programs. He developed the Power Rangers cartoon program as a remake of Japanese action show that took focus on teenagers who use supernatural powers to battle scary creatures from the space. He was rebuffed due to the perceived violent content of the program. But when Haim Saban managed to convince Fox to sell the show in its network after its merger with the Saban Group and it proved to be a monstrous hit.

He earned a substantial amount of money from the sale, which smoothed the journey for him towards the future billions that he made for himself. Besides the cartoon programs, Saban has always been an influential deal maker in political circles. he is an active player in the US- Israeli political circles and an active member of the Democratic Party. In the Forbes Magazine, he is estimated of having $3 billion in net worth. The mega earnings he receives comes from interests he earns from real estate, internet games and applications, an Asian TV Channel, a mobile phone company in Israel, and an owner interest from Univision Company in the Spanish Media. Despite being underestimated by so many people, Saban is now enjoying comforts of his labor in the forefront where big trends and opportunities are headed.

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