John Farber: King of Chemicals

John Farber is a chairman of ICC Industries that deals with pharmaceuticals, basic and specialty chemicals, and plastics. He founded the company in 1952 as part of his father-in-law textile import and exportation company (Leslie Kleyman Corporation).

John and his family moved to the US in 1948. John trained as a chemist and joined his father in law in business. The firm later changed its name to ICC Industries and John was the controlling shareholder of the family-owned business. The ICC Group headquarters are in New York. It has a diversified portfolio that distributes its product through its five entities.

He started this firm after WW11 when his father’s Romanian company, United Factory For Varnishes and Paints was nationalized. Farber went to Israel before traveling to Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn in New York for his doctorate. He later bought his father’s company in 1990.

His managerial positions

The billionaire worth 1.5 billion USD holds positions in the following firms

  • 1996- Director and Chairman of Frutarom Industries
  •  From 1982-Board of Directors Chairman of Electrochemical Industries
  •  Currently- ICC Chemical Corporations Chairman
  •  Azur SA( Romania)- Director

About ICC Group

The ICC Group serves as a holding company with active operating businesses globally in trading, marketing, distribution and manufacturing of plastics, chemicals, and related products. Other firms in the ICC Industries Group Include:

  •  ICC Trading Inc- A global trading organization dealing with chemicals
  •  Frutarom Industries ( a significant investment) deals with cosmetic and beverage supply
  •  SC Azur SA( controlling interest)- Produces paint, synthetic resins and products related to the construction industry
  •  Dover Chemical Corporation- Deals with chemicals, plastics, fuel, etc.
  •  Konsyl Pharmaceuticals Inc- Dealers of OTC health supplements
  •  Primex Plastics Corporation- Deals with extruded custom plastic sheets

Other interests

John Farber is a well-renown author of the books; The Truth about Giving and God’s Dare to Give Scripturally

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