The Unsung Hero in Silicon Valley

While Kavitark Ram Shriram may not appear alongside Larry Page of Google, he has made numerous contributions to the organization.

The Indian-born American businessman is a founding member and investor in Google. He has worked for Jeff Bezos as an officer in Kavitark Ram Shriram is worth 1.8 billion USD. The Sherapalo Ventures investor has one wife and two daughters.

His portfolio

The billionaire has sold most of his stocks in Google; he is a member of Alphabet, the parent company. He has invested in technology startups through Sherpalo Ventures, his firm, such as:

  • Paperless Post- Online card and invitation service
  • Inmobi-Mobile advertising company
  • Optimizely- Web and mobile testing app


Education and early life

The Indian-born billionaire studied math at the University of Madras. He moved to the US and joined Netscape in 1994 in the capacity of an executive. He later became the president of an online comparison shopping firm, Junglee. In 1998, he joined Amazon.


Contribution to education

Shriram and his wife are known for their philanthropic ways. They donated 61 million USD at Stanford University to support engineering initiatives. His daughters attended the same institution, and he sits on the board as a trustee. He has funded various education and research activities.

  • Magic Bus support: It is an initiative that ensures marginalized girls in India get a chance in the mainstream education.
  • Roshni: It is a nonprofit agency based in Delhi. It helps educate Muslim girls.
  • A profound supporter of TED Fellows and Gooru, web-based learning projects, which he introduced to India
  • An ardent supporter of Internet learning as a means of improving education

His philosophy

Shriram is known for his ability to spot and nurture young talent. Coming from a humble background, he believes in giving opportunities he had to other people. He only funds non-profit activities so that the beneficiaries feel the impact directly. Shriram believes in early education and has made several donations to that effect.

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