The Story of David Hindawi

 His Life.

David Hindawi is a billionaire worth $1 billion and an entrepreneur of American software born in 1944 in Iraq. He was born in a Jewish family which in 1951 moved from Baghdad to Israel. David Hindawi is married with two children. David served Israel’s Air Force the department of Operations Research. Hindawi migrated to US in 1970 to acquire his PhD in UC Berkeley.

His successes and foundations.

Software ventures.
David founded Software Ventures a telecom company in 1970 which he ran as the chief executive officer and then later in 1995, he sold it to an internet service provider, PSINet.

BigFix Inc.
He also founded IT management system called BigFix Inc. with his brother Orion Hindawi where he ran as the chief executive officer of the company. The mission of the foundation was making enterprise laptops, servers and desktops run more efficiently and securely. He also led to the development of a platform called BigFix technology. Later in 2010 sold it to IBM at $400 million. However, he is still a co-inventor of several patents added to BigFix technology.

In 2007, David Hindawi became a Tanium Inc. co-founder a cybersecurity firm and as well is the Board’s chairman. Tanium is a cybersecurity startup designed to help in protecting governments as well as big and famous companies such as Target, Amazon, Verizon and Visa. The duo that is David and his son Orion Hindawi moved fully to Tanium and build the software secretly for around five years before revealing very fast ways to control and scan security across many networked computers in one company. In 2015 September, Hindawis raised in a new funding $120 million which led Tanium to be valued at $3.5 billion a double of their valuation five years ago making them billionaires. In 2016 February, Orion took over as Tanium chief executive officer from David Hindawi.

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