This will be a life changing event, one of its kind. Through Janet Rangi many people have reported about finally finding practical solutions to their problems. Don’t take my word for it, kindly read through real testimonials and reviews
.We need to plan by knowing how many people will participate during the Janet Rangi trip to Nairobi July 2019.
We are not made equal therefore I provide several packages that we can all afford. This event is not about money.
The July convention is about growing a grass roots audience and providing life changing information to inspire others to think outside the box.


The silver dreaming packages


We probably know that the value of information cannot always be quantified therefore the Silver packages will be worth your investment.

Personally, success has never come the easy way.  I practiced investing time and resources in dreams and in return I acquired the most trusted information around me. I love using analogies to demonstrate the value of information.

I remember going to Kenyatta Market to braid my hair for 15 dollars. My braids would last a few weeks and then I was back again in the Salon to pay more money for a new hairdo. I share this because…….

This life changing book will NOT cost you 15 dollars per month but 10 TIMES LESS, this will cost approximately ONE dollar per month.

This valuable book will only cost a total of 12.99 dollars to cover printing and shipping costs.

This book is worth the investment which will benefit the silver package clients in tremendous ways for many years to come.

>Silver clients will get directions about where to pick the life changing book. The American Success Pathways book will be signed personally by Janet Rangi in appreciation for the support offered by her followers.

The Bronze achieving Packages

To share a short story, I had friends who refused to invest in agents recruiting nurses in Nairobi. They never got a chance to come to America because of the short-sited decisions they made.

On the contrary, I decided to think long term and invested approximately 2000 dollars to achieve my American dream. Those 2000 dollars have since multiplied and transformed my financial situation for a lifetime.

The Bronze package clients will have the chance to experience the meet and greet session with Janet Rangi. This session may include some questions and answers from Janet Rangi but not guaranteed since people will be lining up to get their book all included within the Bronze Package.

This life changing book plus the meet and greet questions and responses from Janet Rangi will *NOT cost 2000 dollars*, this will only cost 39.99 dollars to benefit our clients in the Bronze package. The Bronze package will cover the printing and shipping for the book and the cost for the meeting venue needed for the meet and greet sessions.

The Golden believers Packages.

The Golden believers will gain knowledge, ideas and strategies by attending the upcoming conference in Nairobi.

Many people have reported that they lost thousands of dollars to untrustworthy agents. Janet Rangi will break down information to empower people to be self-sufficient and avoid conmen. DO NOT LOSE dollars again to people who have never stepped in the United States themselves.

During the entertaining and interactive live session conference Janet Rangi will give a talk about life changing strategies. She will share resources such as University and college admissions, scholarships, career and job opportunities in the United States, embassy issues, temporary visa applications, permanent visa applications such as green cards and much more. Janet will also share information about what she has learned about permanent residency in Canada. 

Janet Rangi will share her passion and love for her followers in this conference. You will have a chance to meet Janet one on one in the upcoming conference in July 2019.

These sessions will not be aired on social media Live to respect time and resources from those willing to invest. People are grabbing this life changing opportunity to hear and learn straight from Janet Rangi and even get a chance to ask direct questions about success pathways in America.

For the Golden Package access, invest 59.99 dollars and be among the first to sign up because the interest has been overwhelming with this package, and the space will fill up quick.

The Golden packages have been designed to cover the cost of the conference which will be held in a comfortable venue. The conference will cover resources for food, drinks, stationary, video and audio gadgets necessary to carry out a successful conference.

The Premium VIP Platinum Packages.

*These packages will be limited because they will require private 15-30-minute sessions of guidance and couching from Janet Rangi.*

The topics will be tailored to suit the individual clients but mainly they will help to transition into the United States starting from the dream, applying for visas and choosing careers and jobs that will benefit you and your family for years to come.

The platinum packages will require 99 dollars of your investment into the private session which will be used to pay for hotels, transportation, air tickets and event planner’s fees.