Book A Review Appointment Session with Janet


You have taken a clear step to separate yourself from the masses. You have decided to take action and Janet Rangi will be here to hold your hand and see you through this complicated yet rewarding journey!

The initial interview is meant to give you a complete plan and pathway for you and your family to eventually settle in the United States.

After the meeting the next steps will be decided by the applicant and clear directions will be given on how to start the process from start to finish.

This initial interview and assessment is meant to give you the chance to ask all the burning questions.

Although interview slots are 15 minutes, each person will receive adequate time to make sure they are satisfied with the information offered during the session.

The steps needed to successfully register as a Registered Nurse/Physical therapist/ Lab Technologist/Teacher in the United States

– Start application for Visa screening process
– Start application for State Boards licence
– Get Board Certification
– Find a job through a sponsor/employer
– Travel to the United States
– Find housing, transportation and other amenities

You shall be contacted to get scheduled after your booking has been received.

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