My dream of coming to America changed my life forever. For those struggling I want to provide a different pathway to success. I want you to start thinking outside the box in order to improve your education and financial situation.

My passion for helping people started when I graduated and was jobless. I remember the pain of finding a place to stay, depending on relatives for food and transportation. Eventually I got a job, but the job could barely pay my bills. I am sure some of you can relate with these struggles.

You too can succeed if you follow the footsteps of those before you. I provide true and tested information based on my personal and professional experience in the United States.

After graduating from the University of Eastern Africa, Baraton, I managed to move to the United States permanently. I am a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles where I completed my masters in Family Nurse Practitioner. I am a post graduate student at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley specializing psychiatry.
Having Stayed in the United States close to 16 years I have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience. I have never forgotten where I came from and therefore, I have a passion of giving back to y people. I found a passion in blogging and Vlogging.

In case you don’t know me; I’m a blogger, a Vlogger, I share videos, I share free information based on personal experiences and research, I bring you secrets, I bring you scholarships, I bring you exchange programs and conferences. I have talked about F1-F2 student visas, B visas for business and pleasure, and J1 visas for exchange programs. I have talked about green cards through employment, through family, asylum and refugees. I talk about H1B visas in the United States. I have talked about so many ways of coming to America; conferences, work programs etc.

Basically, I mentor people how to set a successful foundation in the United States. I tell you how to deal with the big elephant in the room; the American embassy which is the most difficult situation for you as you make plans to travel to the United States. I show you how to apply for green cards and overall, I show you opportunities in the United States. For those of you that don’t know, my blogs can be found on immigrantbusinessdirectory.com You can visit my Facebook page; immigrant business directory aka it’s Janet Rangi, we are approaching 50,000 passionate followers. Also, you can find Janet Rangi on YouTube which is starting to pick up with over 2000 followers. Remember to subscribe, hit the notification button, leave reviews, share, like and tag your friends. Together we will build strong communities.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Kindly read some of my five stars reviews and testimonials


“Hi Janet. Yesterday I was at the US Embassy Nairobi and I got the visa (B1B2). Travelling in April. Thank you very much dear for the encouragement. I have learnt a lot from you and am very grateful God Bless you so much”
“Janet, I have no words, you are God send”.
“Janet me and my wife have been watching your show and we are happy to say that out daughter is now in the United States, thank you so much!”.
“Janet I was a foreign trained dentist and now I am licensed in the United States as a dentist, thank you for sharing your knowledge and guiding me through the process, words cannot express how thankful I am “
“Janet, I had no idea how to pay for college in the United States until I came across your videos, I can’t wait to read your book “
“Hello Janet, my wife and I have been watching you and to God be the glory we tried again by attacking the elephant in the room. And we GOT IT JANET, we are picking our passports on Tuesday Janet!!!! I am a Film Maker and a YouTube Ambassador, I need to come on your show when I come to America Janet. God bless YOU….Keep up the good work Janet!!!!”
“Hello Janet, I want to appreciate you and your advice. I got my B1/B2 visa last week Thursday. I’m coming back to US and will open doors for my daughter now, learning so much valuable information from your videos. Thank you so much, hope I meet you and do a video together with you!”
“Hello Janet, been watching your videos and went to the embassy prepared got the visa been to Orlando for conference, it’s been awesome thank you greatly ”


No hard work, no gain. You are right Janet. No one offers great advice like you do free of charge my sister. May God bless you. Friends follow and listen to Janet, but most important act upon what she says and continue to have the desire to succeed.
Information is indeed key. so, keep researching and digging deep to be fully informed and not to deformed.
Very Authentic Information and passionate to help.
She is very good. She is a good source of information.
I can imagine how hard she has to work to give us all these information when still she is balancing with her life….I just met her today but I can say this is so impressive…she is very selfless really to share with everybody about green cards, scholarships, students visas and all that …keep up Janet. I just love how you keep up the good work. You are a true Leader.
Very resourceful, informative, motivational and very generous with information.
Very resourceful, informative, motivational and very generous with information.
Full of motivation, encouragement and intelligent, a teacher, a director and a blogger, I love her so much and I hope to meet with her someday.
The most inspiring lady you will EVER come across. Full of wisdom and honesty in everything!!!
Truly I can’t explain how wonderful this loving is, it is just like a miracle when more people have succeeded through this. Guys wake up and decide. Anyway, more thanks to this director and God bless you for your effort of trying to help the less privileged, keep it up.
Wisdom. Janet is full of wisdom and kind hearted. At least she isn’t mean with information. I thank God for Janet Rangi.
Wisdom. Janet is full of wisdom and kind hearted. At least she isn’t mean with information. I thank God for Janet Rangi.

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