What to expect from Janet Rangi

I share videos, I share free information based on personal experiences and research, I bring secrets about careers and jobs in the United States and how immigrants can transition foreign education into the United states.

I Inform my followers about how to pay for colleges and universities in the united states. I train people how to avoid deportation. I share information about scholarships, exchange work programs and conferences.

I talk about the kinds of visas available in the United states such as F1-F2 student visas, B visas for business and pleasure, and J1 visas for exchange programs. I have talked about green cards through employment, through family, asylum and refugees. I talk about available opportunities for foreign students through H1B visas that eventually lead to permanent residency in the United States.

I enlighten people about how to change their temporary nonimmigrant visas into other useful or permanent residency visas. For instance, I talk about how Visiting visas can be change to student visas.  I talk about how people can transform their lives in the United states while remaining on legal immigration status.

In a nutshell I talk about so many successful driven decisions in the United States of America. Basically, I mentor people how to set a successful foundation in the United States.

I tell you how to deal with the big elephant in the room; the American embassy which is the most difficult situation for you as you make plans to travel to the United States.  I show you how to apply for green cards and overall, I show you opportunities in the United States.

You can visit my Facebook page it’s Janet Rangi, we are approaching 60,000 passionate followers. Also, you can find Janet Rangi on YouTube which is new but pick up steam every day.

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