Student Exchange Africa: Exploring Exchange Programs

The purpose of this platform is to inform and educate our audience of the opportunities available to study, work and even migrate abroad in order to fulfill your life goals. Through the live videos, broadcasts, linkages and many other informational platforms we are driven to inform you of the opportunities available to explore outside your country of origin in other parts of the world especially the developed world.

One of the avenues available to do this is through exchange programs. An exchange program is a program that enables an international candidate be able to travel and gain experience of a different culture, education system or country. There are many organizations that have facilitated this through embassies and affiliate organizations. It is these organizations that have later morphed into agencies that provide opportunities for candidates to study abroad. Many of the agencies unbeknown to many use opportunities provided through inter governmental partnerships and linkages to sell the opportunities to a privileged few who then use them to travel and experience life abroad. It is for this reason that this platform and a number of other platforms were formed to basically advice and expose people to information on how to experience life in other countries is done without many bureaucratic hurdles.

There are a number of advantages to participating in such programs for the candidates who are able to pass the eligibility tests which though stringent are very straight forward.

  • Participating in an exchange program allows you to experience what it is like to live in a different country which, for many, is an eye-opening, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Plus, you can travel in the semester breaks, so you have the chance to rid yourself of the travel bug and have some fun before you start working full time.
  • Its expands your language skills: While most students tend to choose countries where English is widely spoken and classes are taught in English, there are many opportunities in other countries like Japan, Canada, Sweden among others where the exchange program provides budding linguists with an opportunity to immerse themselves in another language and develop their skills in a foreign study environment.
  • Educational benefits: Exchange enables you to add to the knowledge that you are learning in your course of study by trying new specializations and learning in a different cultural context.
  • Looks great on your résumé: Life experience? You’ll have a truckload once you return from a student exchange. The skills and attributes that you will gain studying overseas, the new perspective that you will gain and your willingness to put yourself outside your comfort zone will look great to future employers and will serve you well in all aspects of your life.
  • It won’t cost the earth: Exchange programs are really just that — an opportunity to exchange your life, educational or work experience with someone from another country. So long as you take the right path in the application, processing and travel. It can be very cheap; some programs offer full scholarships to candidates who have passed the eligibility processes.

One of the organizations that has a successful track record in these programs is Student Exchange Africa. The organization has successfully organized over 200 inbound and 150 outbound exchanges since inception. It has organized exchanges for students and young people from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Japan, Sweden, United States, Canada, Germany, Australia among many other countries.

Student Exchange Africa offers interactive and immersive opportunities that give participants the opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge of the unique lifestyles in their travel destination(s). The goal for the organization is to surpass the candidates expectations on both the educational and travel experience.

Student Exchange Africa is a pioneer in offering medical students from around the world the opportunity to gain hands-on clinical experience in a wide variety of specialties in a fully-fledged public hospital for periods of 4 to 24 weeks at a time. The bespoke inbound programs have been a huge hit with governments and local communities since they provide an opportunity for direct skills exchange that intensifies ties between countries, people and communities.

In order to create a better understanding of the opportunities available especially outside the continent of Africa, the organization hosts prospective candidates of outbound programs for prospecting breakfasts in Nairobi, Kampala, Dar-es-Salaam and Kigali that help them to make decisions on how to take advantage of the various opportunities available. These breakfasts help the candidates make the right decisions on where the best opportunities available for exchange are and the implications for the decisions they intend to take and make to legally travel or work abroad.

For more information on the programs offered by Student Exchange Africa follow the link below;

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